Another Server Built

Well, this weekend I finally gave in a rebuilt my Dell XPS into a Windows 2003 Server box.  The more ‘modern’ OSes were simply too burdensome for my ‘antiquated’ hardware.

It’s beyond a joke when a 3.4GHz, 2GB memory box (ok, laptop) with 256 MB of graphics memory (ATI Radeon 9800) can’t run Vista or Win 2008 Server successfully*.

Anyhow, more on that in a later post. 

The rebuild went extremely well.  I’m getting very proficient in build/rebuilding servers.  This time around it’s a full Team Foundation Server 2008 box and I’m going to use the following from Codeplex: (for TFS2005) (for TFS2005/TFS2008*) (for TFS2005/TFS2008*) (for TFS2005/TFS2008*) (for TFS2005/TFS2008*)

I’ll write more once I start getting some test projects onto the box and start messing with it.


* Shell responsiveness was the main pain.  General CPU availability was the other mammoth problem.

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