More Madden 09 Updates

Tonight I powered on the Xbox 360 to be told there is a patch available for Madden NFL 09.  I have no idea what the update is for, but I apply it anyway.   I’ll do some digging around to find out what it is supposed to fix.

In any case, what I *can* tell you is this: the player progression bug is still in franchise mode. 

Already, as I’m nearly ten years into the franchise, I can see predominantly OLB/MLB positions hovering around the mid-80s to high 70s on the free agent list, and the entire NFL has only a handful of players above 90 OVR.

So, Madden NFL 2008 and 2009 Franchise mode: Fail.

Back with more on that update shortly.

Here’s a link to a post discussing what’s in the update/patch.

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