Nostalgic Geek Post

Lunchtime special presents……"I remember when…"

– Monitors where monochrome
– Cartridges were the only source of fun
– 512kb seemed huge!
– My dot matrix printer required a sound booth
– I had a 40mb HDD on my 386sx/16mhz with 1096kb of RAM
– …but it was VESA compatible!
– My first word processing package was Microsoft Works 1.0
– My first sound blaster card was packaged together with my first CD-ROM (x2 Speed!)
– There was no Internet, only bulletin boards (BBS)  and Telex was the key requirement (and a modem)
– Spanning (floppy) disks was a way of life
– There were disks larger than 5 1/4"
– DOS was your friend
– It was technically possible to load DOS into the upper memory block, EMM386 and the SmartDrive cache into 1096kb of RAM
– Windows wasn’t ideal for under 4096kb of RAM
– DOS4GW didn’t seem right to you..

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