Protest Against The “Firewall of Ayer’s Rock”

I’ve previously voiced my opposition to the stupendously idiotic (which you can really only expect from a Labor Government) idea of a national firewall/content filtering system which would make our national Internet backbone even slower than it already (unacceptably) is.

The Electronic Freedom Project and Digital Liberty Coalition have organised official protests against this stupid government initiative to be held on Saturday the 13th of December in major city centres including Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and others.

Check out the following Wiki [] page for details of when and where it will be held in a city close to you.

This protest was reported in Computer World [] and on Slashdot [].

If that wasn’t reason enough, please consider how much the rest of the world is ridiculing us for even contemplating this ridiculous move to clearly introduce censorship – only China has a worse position on the Internet. 

Even in the US, where extreme right wing factions have removed most of the basic civil rights guaranteed by the US constitution, they have not been able to introduce such an infamous concept as a nation-wide filtering system.

While we’re at it, can we ask the Government to use that $125.8 million dollars to do something more helpful like disaster relief or helping low income families?  If we’re all done giving millions out to car companies to build cars that is..  Does anyone else worry that Labor have decided to spend (read: hand out) as much money as possible in their first year in office?

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