Imus fired

While we were in the states, controversial radio host Don Imus (think: Howard Stern’s competition) was being publically chewed for comments he made on air about the Rutger’s (a US College/University) Women’s basketball team.
It’s funny, because the "land of the free" – with free speech and all – seems to be getting smaller and smaller (I’m referring to mind set and conservativeness).  Did he say something inappropriate?  Probably, yes.  Did someone from Rutgers prove him wrong… *kidding*, who knows.. but certainly it’s not something you don’t expect from him (he’s not a shock jock for nothing), but I’ve heard worse.
The country continues to be unpredictable in it’s social values.  Mass homicides and unprecdented numbers of it’s own citizens going to jail don’t appear to be cause for concern, but Imus slagging the Rutgers basketball team?? Crisis!
What is the world coming to these days?  Cause and effect are so far out of whack.  If you happened to infringe on big music’s copyrights you’ve got a greater chance of serving jail time than if you commit assault and battery.. People, we have some serious social standards to review.. and one day maybe we’ll get societies’ perspective changed to be slightly more accurate?

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