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Hi Everyone,
On the weekend I constructed a new blog located here to write about the various bottles of wine I’ve bought, opened or poured down the sink.
If you have an interest in wine, or are thinking about getting into it – or even if you need to buy a nice bottle for someone and want some advice, please drop over to the blog and have a read/post a comment!
Part of my wine blog is an attempt to work under the title of "Aussie Wine Guy", and hoping that my views on Australian wine are helpful.  It’s not just limited to Australian wine, of course, but will hopefully encompass European wine, North American and South American wine and anything in between!  For example, my wife bought a South African (Cape) wine, wich we will no doubt try sometime soon.
I’m also looking for others who would like to contribute!  If you drink wine on a regular basis and would like to write about it, please let me know and I’ll create a login for you.  Just shoot me an email rob.sanders[at] with the subject: Aussie Wine Guy.
Additionally, if you are a keen wine buff, you might be interested in this new wine (social networking) site called  It’s like facebook or linkedin for wine fans.  Worth a look, right?

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