Privacy in Australia? Forget it

It’s time for another Proclamation of Doom..

This time, it’s my fair and well balanced government who are adopting the same puritanical overbearing right wing fundamentalist viewpoints which we have come to know and love from the United States government: the systematic removal of a democratic society’s right to privacy.

You might think, hey – it’s no big deal – you should only be concerned if you’ve got something to hide.  This ignorant response is exactly what a police state is hoping to hear voiced from the mouths of its constituents.

Don’t know what I’m referring to?  Well it started with government plans to make employer tracking of employee emails legal – for the purpose of, wait for it, national security.  It’s a sad, sad day when this underpins our national safety.

From the article:

"The Attorney-General, Robert McClelland, acknowledges concerns but said the powers were a necessary bulwark against a growing threat to national security.

Mr McClelland told the Herald he had been advised that an attack to disable computer networks that sustained the financial system, stock exchange, electricity grid and transport system "would reap far greater economic damage than would be the case of a physical [terrorist] attack"."

Yes, imagine all those people of malicious intent sending emails about their intentions via a workplace email account – rather than a myriad of free and unmonitored email providers like Google Gmail, yahoo, live mail…..etc.etc.  If security of our national infrastructure is hinged by the private sector scanning employee emails without their consent then… I pity our society already.

But wait!  There’s more… From this article on Computerworld how about universal wiretapping?   This is just the beginning, folks..

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