A Tour of Rob’s Office

Welcome to my office.. Here is a view from the double doors leading inside..


Ahead is the main desk (with air conditioning and a nice large window behind).  There are some backpacks and satchels next to the whiteboard on the left hand side, below the Millennium Falcon (the collectors series model I built last year).  We’ve got two floor rugs in here.  My wife has a corner desk at the back on the right.

On the immediate right hand side there is a stretch of bookcases and a filing cabinet which runs the length of the wall.  The room is an odd shape, which creates (in effect) a sort of feature wall. 

I’ve stocked the large bookcase with my collection of Vinyl LPs, a selection of antique books and some geek decorations – antique map, “Ash” from Army of Darkness and an original 1984 Autobot JetFire and a boxed metal Bender figure to name a few.  Mostly this stuff is memorabilia from trips overseas etc.  Yes, that American Football helmet is one I used to wear when I used to play the game – in 1996.


Next along the wall is my bookshelf for technical books and other assorted titles.  I’ve had to cull a lot of the titles over the years, but this still represents a decent collection of reference material.


The desk itself – the hub of the office – has two 22” LCD monitors sitting on an antique (restored) 1947 QLD Police desk.  I’ve got a PolyCom (for conference calls) below the main monitor and a new Logitech backlit keyboard.  Nice view of the bookcase from here.  Keeping the desk top clear is somewhat easy, but still manages to get cluttered.


Lastly, next to the PC tower on the left of the desk is our previous home theatre amplifier (the room has 7.1 surround sound) and sitting atop the amp is a Sony automatic turntable – for the records!


So that is a quick tour of my office. 
Comments and suggestions welcomed!

P.S. I already thought about bringing the coffee machine into the office, but the idea was nixed by the desire to get up and move around the place every now and then.  Coffee is an excellent motivator for movement.

What is your office like?  Anything you’ve added to ‘customize’ or make it more your own space?

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