Need help automating Reporting Services?


  Well I have found the perfect accompaniment for you – Reporting Services Scripter.

  Key Features:

  – Quickly and easily extract all RDL from a Report Server

  – Automatically generates scripts to load reports, data sources, resources, linked reports and folders
    with all their associated properties to enable report migration between servers with no manual
    intervention, e.g. avoids having to try and copy execution options between servers manually
    using Report Manager which is prone to mistakes and not as repeatable or efficient as scripting

  – Automatically generates command files to load scripted items onto a new server
  – Automatically transfer items from one server to another (including from
                                                 SQL2000 to SQL2005 to SQL2008)

                                                – Generate scripts for Shared Schedules
                                                – Generate Scripts for System and Item Level Roles
                                                – Generate Scripts for Normal and Data Driven Report Subscriptions

                                                – Easily generate loader scripts to load existing RDL files e.g. if RDL is kept under source control
                                                  then it can just generate the scripts to load the reports rather than extract the report
                                                  definition as well

                                                – Automatically backs up reports before overwriting them
                                                – Easily generate scripts from the command line
                                                – Reverse engineer Visual Studio Report Projects from a Report Server
  Recently we needed the capability to regenerate schedules, and this utility proved to be quite handy 
  in scripting the environment setup. 

  If you wish to duplicate schedule, execution history and the like, you will need to enable a couple of  
  options which are disabled by default. 

  Here are the options I am using at present for Reports, and a folder view of the generated output:

image image



With thanks to the author, Jasper Smith.

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