Ten tell-tale signs you’re driving in Queensland

Driving in Queensland (in Australia) is an experience like no other.  For Americans, this is a bit like driving in Los Angeles without the same volume of cars. 

Every time I get behind the wheel in Queensland, I get angry.  Thus, I’ve composed “ten tell-tale signs that you’re driving in Queensland”.  Have at!

  1. People tend to tailgate on flat straight stretches of road
  2. Drivers rarely possess the ability to turn a corners at speed (especially at intersections)
  3. Drivers *never* look early before approaching a give way, roundabout, slip lane etc
  4. Almost no one indicates when changing lanes, exiting a roundabout, pulling over
  5. No one can handle a roundabout, period.
  6. People either go 10-20+ kms/hr under or 10-20+ kms/hr over the speed limit, but seem incapable of actually driving AT the speed limit (rendering cruise control pointless on freeways)
  7. Half the cars on the road should be scrapped
  8. People queue over intersections and “keep clear” sections
  9. No one enters a freeway at the posted limit (because merging into a 110 zone at 90 is so much easier)
  10. Most people (especially 4WD and SUVs with large suspension) crawl to less than 5 kms/hr when crossing any kind of speed bump (in suburban areas, shopping malls)

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