When in Sydney, do as Sydneysiders do?

Hi All,

This week I’m in Sydney until Wednesday night, so there’s a pause on new blog entries until I get back to Brisbane. 

The flavour of this week is to spend as much time as possible doing face-to-face meetings and whiteboarding sessions to get new ideas, approaches and solutions across.  Then, when I return home on Thursday, we roll up the sleeves and start implementing the el grande design.

It’s always nice to have a plan, no?  This week’s focus is on auditing, encryption, pagination (and databinding) and the principles behind static data access (and Data Context management).  For those who have travelled with me through the SDS, Entity Framework and Linq to Sql entries you can probably get a feel for what that all entails.

Check back around the end of the week for some insights.. If you’re Sydney based, shoot me an email rob.sanders@gmail.com Subject: Sydney. 
Cheers /R

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