Farewell, San Francisco

Well, we are officially outta here.  3:30 AM wake up call is scheduled. 
Our 6:30am flight should see us hit Los Angeles around 8 AM.
Today we hiked to the Embercardero Centre before back tracking.  We wanted to go to the Zoo, but the Muni (local subway) was under repair – this would have meant bus travel to a fair distance.  So instead we walked from van ness station to Japan Town where we ate lunch.  We took a cable car back and ended up circling Union square to purchase a fourth suitcase.
The day blew by so quickly and before long it was 5:30 so we ended up at Kulleto’s on Powell and had a top shelf meal.
We killed some extra time in Borders before heading back to pack.
It’s very unlikely that i’ll get a chance to write again before we fly back to Sydney so take care and see you all soon.
P.S Check out the photos in the gallery and leave a comment if you’re inspired to do so.  Please vote for your fav pictures!

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