Conroy on Conroy : You Elected Him

We’re a little unclear whether (Australian) Senator Conroy hasn’t been sniffing Liquid Ink (white out) between media engagements, take for example this great quote from the weekend:

[1] "When you publish a list of titles of books that are banned, or movies that are banned, you don’t give access to the materials by producing that list. 
"The problem when you produce a list of URLs is you are actually giving the address of where to go and look."

Has the Senator an actual understanding of what a “filter” is supposed to do?  Surely if sites are blocked, the list of blocked URLs can hardly hurt.  How can one gain access to blocked websites?

In any case, yes Senator, when you ban a book or movie the title is released to the public, so why should the list of banned addresses not also be published?
I’m tired of this secrecy, and Australia should be as well. 

Oh, and for God’s sake can we please vote this ridiculous Labor party out of power?
When are people going to wake up?


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