Getting a SQL Azure Database

This is an addendum to a series of articles on SQL Azure and the Entity Framework (v4).


Unless you signed up to participate in the public CTP trial, you will not be able to create a new SQL Azure account at this time (at least in Australia, I haven’t tried other regions).  SQL Azure is being readied to be offered as a commercial product, and I couldn’t find a way to create a trial account.

I understand in other regions (to my continual chagrin) you may be able to purchase an Azure subscription from the following location  – no notes on whether you can obtain a trial at this stage.

If you have already signed up during the public CTP period, you should be able to use the token you received via your email address with the Azure Dashboard.  Visit and sign in with your Live ID, then enter your invitation code.

If you have any questions about this, feel free to email me (rob.sanders [at]  Note: I have one extra SQL Azure invitation token available, first in best dressed.

I’ll update this entry when it is possible to create a trial SQL Azure account.

Here’s some extra info from a neighbouring blog :


It seems there is a special introductory offer for the Azure platform which you can read about here.  It includes three months of SQL Azure web database which should give you enough time to fully evaluate it.

I’m not sure if this is available if you are (un)lucky enough to be residing in Australia (we always seem to get the short end of the stick here for some reason).  <rant>Great weather, immense natural beauty coupled with poor Internet services and speeds (and perhaps mandatory ISP filtering, to top it all off)</rant>!


This article will describe the steps you need to take to obtain a SQL Azure database.  The main website for SQL Azure is and for developers

The Microsoft Connect site ( ) is now closed, but you may still find useful information here, such as links to the team blog.  There are SQL Azure forums for community discussions located here.

To get started with SQL Azure, you must have a valid Windows Live ID.  You can sign up for a Live ID with a valid email address by visiting

You’ll need to create an account with Microsoft Online Services at
Sign in with a valid Windows Live ID, and then you will be prompted for some profile information.

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