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Note: These are unedited shorthand notes taken from a presentation about the new features coming with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 which launched recently (CRM Online) and will launch soon (On Premise).  Provided As-is.



Mike Hopwood, Duncan Haskins – CRM Specialists

Personal business assistant

– mines crm data and surfaces on mobile device

– link tasks to locations, e.g remind you to buy a lightbulb from Bunnings when you’re near a Bunnings


Intelligent customer service w/h AzureML

– data set analysis (case/notes) & suggest other cases & kbs

– crm online preview only


Relationship focus with Delve

– analysis of collaboration

– email interactions, document reviews

– documents from SP Online


[Video – Jersey Use Case]

CRM 2016 = Efficiency (Agility, ability to respond, data on the road).  Multi-purpose platform.


Mobile Expansion (some features in preview)

– Task based experiences

– CRM Online only (a common theme!)

– Document management (via SharePoint)

– Offline support enhanced

– Min 30 licensed users

– Leverages Azure mobile

– Mobile management

– Encryption at rest, iOS, Android & Win phone native clients

– Consistent UI X-platform

– Device optimised UX

– integration to One Note


Cortana still a little flaky…. Load times still slow… Recognition so-so


– mail merge and templates based on organisation (on mobile device), server-side config


Excel templating

CRM App for Outlook

– available soon

– server-side integration

– no need for client side installs

– Office365/CrmOnline only

– can sync to Exchange on premise


see pic for hybrid


– Private storage via OneDrive

[Demo – Outlook/Exchange Web Client]


CRM 2013 introduced the current UX approach


[Web Experience]


– Menus changed for second level menu items (last 6 months online)

– Excel spreadsheets can open native or inside Excel online

– Data changes inside Excel will propagate back to CRM.  Subject to CRM validation rules


[Improved Search]

– Result stack ranking

– Natural language support (inexact match)

– Cross-entity search capability

– Gameification: fantasy sales team

   o Achievements for tasks (e.g Xbox live style)

   o Encourages data quality, task completion


[Unified Service]

– Best of breed customer management

– Service desk (next gen) – replaces Unified Service Desk?  Integrated by default, added OAuth2 support, easier install

– kb article management (including versioning), can push to external portals


[Survey Tools]

– survey tools can be published (anon & known) for gauging service quality?

– can survey to track satisfaction against individual, organisation etc

– still in development, TBD


[Field Service Productivity]

– match qualified personnel to active jobs

– integrated for mobile

– manage supply chain data (related), e.g part orders

– Service dashboard (tier 1)

– Stats integrated (like VSTS)

– Record drill down (task/client view)

   o service history

   o time segmented, etc

   o push notifications – get updates in real-time

   o attaches relevant kbs

– metadata and telemetry integrated (activity history)

– basis for Azure ML functionality


[Social Engagement]

– enhanced analytics

– read customer sentiment (external)

– trawl social media for relevant topics

– leverage obvious social media tools

– realtime

– can use on internal comms (yammer, skype) to read internal sentiment


[Intelligent Social]

– What are people saying?

– Find cases/leads fast

– Supports multiple languages (60? languages)

– analysis & reporting

– global, national, local

– online only


[Dynamics Marketing]

– SMS campaign not available in Oz yet

– Campaigns and marketing supported

– modern ui (html 5)


[IRAP Certified]

– CRM Online certified

– Certified to store Unclassed (DLM)



– Dedicated route into AU Azure DCs

– For CRM Online (hot off the press!)

– Integrates prem to AZ DCs

– QoS


[Launch Dates – 2015/2016]

Dec 1 – CRMOnline (2016)

Dec 15 – CRM 2016 on premise

Jan/Feb – migration 2015-16 for existing customers

– Online first, On premise second (see second picture, below)

– Two releases per year (online & onprem)

Hybrid Solutions


Online First

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