Reading Ahead – ADO Entity Framework v4 and POCO Entities

There’s going to be more to this in coming posts, but I thought I’d add all the articles I’ve been reading ahead of schedule.  The long and short of the story is this –

I’ve managed to implement round trip CRUD operations using POCO (Plain Old CLR Objects) using a WCF Service & Client in conjunction with the ADO Entity Framework v4 (and Visual Studio 2010 RC).

In doing so, I’ve implemented all the “fun stuff” (plumbing, configuration, attributes, etc) but I’m currently investigating the options for supporting non-lazy loading queries which return a partial object graph.  Part of the problem I’m facing is with the POCO Proxies (which are unknown types at runtime) though I hope to have a solution soon.

Enjoy the reading, or please be patient, and I’ll write a post going into more detail soon!

POCO Templates for Entity Framework v4 (applies to RC as well):

How to set up POCO Entities using the template:

ADO Team – Creating and Serializing POCO Proxies:

MSDN – Serializing POCO Proxies:

Exposing POCO Entities via WCF (forum):

Debugging/Trace tips and tricks:

If you find yourself with the dreaded “Object graph for type ‘X.Y.Z’ contains cycles and cannot be serialized if reference tracking is disabled error”
then check out this outstanding article:

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