Back in Australia

Hi Everyone,

Well, after a long debate – and a longer hiatus whilst travelling the world – we decided to move back to Australia, ending our year long stint living in China.  It was quite an experience, and we got to see many amazing sites, plus we were able to immerse ourselves in a very exotic and interesting culture.

However, we’re back in the land down under and looking for new opportunities.  In the next few weeks, I should have a chance to revisit (follow up) on some of the more popular posts here on Sanders Technology.  In particular, I plan on writing a new take on the Entity Framework v4 and POCO entities via WCF in light of new features introduced in the EFv4 Futures which is gaining steam.

Also on the agenda – a ThreadPool wrapper implementation which allows you to add a layer of thread management (via event synchronization) which I’ve used quite a lot with success.

As per usual, if you have any opportunities please pass them along –



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