Have you met……… BizTalk?

Hi Everyone,

Well, it’s nearly the end of the year 2011, and hasn’t it been a doozy?  I don’t know about you, but my year has been haywire, to say the least.  I started the year living in China, moved back to Australia, set up in Sydney and then finished the year in Canberra (the capital of Australia).

With all that going on, you’d think I’d be hard pressed to find time to write anything substantiative.  Of course, you’d be right.  Therefore, I’m aiming to write at least one more article of value before the year is out.  Since the bulk of the work I did this month was BizTalk related, I’m going to write a little bit about some problems I had to solve with BizTalk 2010.

I realise that I had previous written about a few other topics I wanted to cover off.. and I will.. but for now, BizTalk is the most convenient topic, so please bear with me Smile

There’s also quite a lot to look forward to in 2012.  For one thing, we’re expecting the next version of SQL Server (codename Denali) to drop – that should be a biggie – and there are the usual soft spots (WCF, Web Services, IIS) and so on.

Hopefully, you’ll see my BizTalk article before the new year, but in the meantime.. thanks for reading this year and all the best for 2012!


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