What’s Next?

There’s been a bit of slowdown in composing some new articles for the site.. despite the seriously large number of things to write about. 
This year has seen SQL Server 2012 go RTM, and the early pre-release candidates for both Windows 8 and Windows 8 Server.

On the agenda are the following… please add a comment if you’d prefer some over others:

  • Team Foundation Server (TFS) Azure – Automated Builds in the cloud (continuing the series)
  • Windows 8 Server – Reviewing the new edition of Hyper-V
  • Visual Studio 11 – What you need to know
  • Windows 8 – the various editions debugged
  • What’s the latest with the .NET Entity Framework?
  • A primer on Release Management with Team Foundation Server (TFS)
  • What’s new in Team Foundation Server 2012 (Beta Edition)?
  • Career Development: Designing You, v.Next

As you can see, quite a list of meaty topics.  My time has become quite limited in the (new) world of being a Dad, so I can’t cover it all.
I really value feedback from readers, so please consider leaving a comment on what you’d like to see from the above (or suggest an alternative topic).

Best /R

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