Happy Holidays

Hello and well.. it’s the end of the year already!

As we slow down for the Xmas/NYE period, it’s usually a time of reflection and celebrations.  This year has been an interesting one at Sanders Technology in that content has slowed – especially after losing sanderstechnology.com and having to migrate.

I’ve had an interesting year professionally, the close of business has seen me moving in the right direction although most of the time it’s doing strategy work that I can’t write about.

I’m currently participating in Raytheon’s Certified Architect Program (RCAP – wave 25) and I’ll be back in Dallas for two additional weeks in Q1/Q2 next year. 

There’s likely more jet setting in 2019 as there’s more call to be visiting with colleagues in Brisbane, Sydney and Adelaide after a relatively quiet 2018.

Looking ahead, there’s plenty of contemporary architecture on the cards in 2019, and I’ll return to some familiar territory as a result.

I hope you’ve had a good year and wish you the best for 2019 and beyond.

Best, R

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