A wireless charging solution for the iPhone 5/5S

Last month I was lucky enough to try out a wireless charging solution for the iPhone 5/5s courtesy of a local mobile phone accessories site called MobileZap

Before we get into the charger itself, I just want to point out how well designed the site is to use, it’s terribly easy to search and filter through results – why can’t all sites be this easy to use?

Trident Wireless Charging Case & Charging Pad

Anyhow – so today I’m focusing on specifically the iPhone Trident Qi Wireless Charging Case and Charging Pad.  I’ve thrown in a few (actual) product shots here of the charging pad and case I’ve used.

IMG_9622_Medium IMG_9922_Medium

This solution is very neat – use the protective charging case as your normal iPhone case, and instead of having to plug it in when it needs a charge, simply place it on top of the charging mat.  Too easy!

Now when it comes to convenience.. there are a couple of compromises worth considering.  Based on the design of the base of the iPhone, you’ll lose the I/O port on the base of the phone as it will be used by the charging case.

index IMG_9923_Medium

You’d therefore lose the ability to hook your phone up to the car stereo (via USB) in this scenario, but you’d be able to bypass that if you link your phone via Bluetooth: problem solved.

The other consideration is that you’ll need a charging pad at each location where you’d want to charge your phone (e.g. Home/Office).  Then again, that’s the whole advantage of wireless charging!

This is a tidy charging solution which more or less erases the need for the daily plugging and unplugging of your iPhone.  The charging itself is a breeze, and this is well worth a look as a primary charging solution.

Check out more iPhone accessories and charging pads on this iPhone 5S Case page and the Qi Charging Pads page.

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