10 Years of Sanders Technology?

It’s been a while…

Those astute enough to skip to the earliest article posted on Sanders Technology may note that it was published almost ten years ago as of next month – on the 17th of October, 2006.

– Earliest Article on Sanders Technology

That’s actually not quite accurate, some long time readers might recall that I used to write articles to a website hosted at internationalized.live.spaces.com (retired by Microsoft many years ago).  When Microsoft pulled the plug on Live Spaces, I had to decide where to go from there – it turned out to be a self-hosted WordPress site, and here we are.

Some of the earlier articles are a bit.. puzzling.. but subject matter of that kind migrated away when I moved my personal ramblings over to Aussie Travelling (which itself has 360+ articles) back in 2009.

Prior to Live Spaces, I had a site hosted at blogdrive.com and it’s actually still there.. but please don’t judge me too harshly on the earlier works!  My earliest post is actually from as far back as February 11th, 2005 when I was living and working in Vancouver, Canada.


– Earliest Article on code.blogdrive.com

In all that time, I’ve continuously written technical articles.  The volume and regularity has been haphazard at best, but over the years I’ve found the process of relating the concepts I’ve been working with to be almost cathartic in a way.

Some Stats

  • Sanders Technology is host to over 870 articles (and counting), mostly technical in nature.
  • Last month, according to Google Analytics, the site amassed 9,105 Pageviews
  • Last year, according to Google Analytics, the site amassed 116,269 Pageviews
  • The earliest analytics come from July, 2010

– Session growth by month, 2010 -2016

What’s yet to come in 2016?

There’s still plenty of content to be published this year, and with October rapidly approaching, I do need to knuckle down and get some more articles posted.  Here’s a sample of things to come..

  • Introduction to ADX Studios, and its application to both Dynamics CRM 2016 on-premise and CRM Portal (with CRM Online),
  • Deploying the Azure Stack,
  • A walkthrough of Windows Server 2016 (RTM) —  any day now
  • ADFS 4.0, OpenIdConnect and OAuth2 as a part of Windows Server 2016 (RTM)
  • Deconstructing architecture (an editorial of architecture and what it means to different people)
  • Azure Learning – Getting to know what Azure Machine Learning underpins (hint: a lot of things)

Plenty to look forward to…  I sincerely hope.

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