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Hi Everyone,

Around the beginning of each year I take a bit of a look at how the site performed in the previous year.  I’m interested mainly because I like to see what people are searching for, so that I’m producing content which is of interest to other people.  Side note: I’m working on a new short “tech note” article, should be posted soon.

2015 v 2014

It was an up year for page views, but I have to bear in mind that I lost about a month of analytics data when the site theme ‘lost’ the tracking code for a while.


There was a very nice spike around mid-2015 when Visual Studio 2015 went RTM..

Top Content

A no brainer.. my articles on how to active Visual Studio with a product key gathering a respectable (combined) 30% share of traffic boosts things, but then the distribution is far flatter, which I like to interpret as a wide base of users reading very varied content.


Content Trends

I’ve started to notice a trend… Articles from the previous year attract a lot more page views than content produced within the year itself.  I’m assuming this is because I’m usually writing about the latest tech at the time?  In any case, here’s the top 23 pages for 2015 by page views.



Sanders Technology really is an international destination!  Some good coverage in terms of reader’s locations, although a shout out to the good folks in the US, accounting for just over 22% of visitors to the site, more than double the next location (India, 10%).  Bounce rate continues to be a bug bear of mine……..



Google continues to be my friend!  The majority of search referrals come from the world’s search engine, Google.


I find it a little odd that direct traffic tops social, and here’s an insight into the main social media referrals, Stack Overflow continues to provide good traffic.


If you liked this article or any other content on the site, perhaps you’d consider tweeting about it, or posting something on Facebook? 
I’d love to see if the social numbers can improve!

That’s all, folks!

Righto, well that’s 2015 in retrospective.  I’ve been a bit remiss in getting some new stuff up in 2016, but I do have some interesting content to share very soon.  Stay tuned!


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