Changes to MSDN Subscriptions


Tonight I decided to see what was new on MSDN Subscriptions, which I occasionally do from time to time.  Given Microsoft’s Ignite conference was held just last week, I wondered whether it had aligned with any new big releases.

When I authenticated to MSDN Subscriptions, I saw the usual content, and proceeded to try to download the web installer for the Visual Studio 2017 RC.  I was informed on the page that I didn’t have an MSDN subscription associated with my account.  Odd.  I tried again by logging on with a different account which has a subscription attached.  Same result.

To isolate the issue, I authenticated on another computer, and this time was met with this when clicking on the “My Account” tab:



Good news! Your subscription has been migrated to a new portal.
Continue to access the same great benefits by visiting at using the same email address [redacted].

Given the field reading “Status: Migrated”, I’m going to assume that when I first attempted to authenticate with each account, it set in motion the migration of each account.   It didn’t take long (a few minutes, at most) and then I had the above experience.

Moving to the new location, I had to authenticate through the VSO Auth gateway, and landing on the following landing page:


MSDN Subscriptions are now Visual Studio Subscriptions


..and there you have the new Visual Studio Subscriptions portal.

Hopefully your experience is as straightforward (if, unexpected) as mine.

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