Blocked PowerShell Script Execution – File Not Signed

There’s times when you need to run an unsigned PowerShell script on Windows Server for convenience, for example when you pull it down from online.

A word of warning – obviously – you need to know what any script does before you ever execute it – especially with privilege.

Now, instead of changing the Server’s script Execution Policy using the Set-ExecutionPolicy PS command, it turns out you can add a file exception without having to do so.

A best practice is to read the script’s code and verify it’s safe before using the Unblock-File cmdlet. The Unblock-File cmdlet unblocks scripts so they can run, but doesn’t change the execution policy.

The syntax of the command is:

PS> Unblock-File –Path <path>\<script name>.ps1

I picked this up from a Microsoft Docs site.

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