2019 hindsight

Another year, another decade – more resolutions.

Since the loss of the sandertechnology [dot] com I’ve found it a lot harder to get motivated to write.  Traffic is minor, the page rank stinks and what took a decade to build is rather irrelevant now.

My main concern is what to write about.  There’s a lot that I do for a living now that I simply can not write about.  As I am predominantly in a strategy role, most of my output is sensitive and does not bear reproduction.  I’m also a lot less “hands on” with technology, and with two fast growing kids, I have scant time for personal projects.

Then, there is the matter of massively decreased traffic and page rank.  I’m essentially back to square one – somewhere between 2004 & 2007 – when I had to persevere with writing before I had a semblance of an audience.  I might consider writing about technology related topics.  This is not a disclosure from my day to day work, and might be of interest to the world wide web.

Last year, I spent a good many months in the Raytheon Certified Architecture Program (RCAP) which covered off a lot of solid matter, including:

  • MODAF/DODAF (Ministry of Defence Architecture Framework/Department of Defense Architecture Framework)
  • TOGAF (The Open Group Architecture Framework)
  • FEAF (Federal Enterprise Architecture Framework)
  • Carnegie Mellon SEI (Software Engineering Institute)
  • ATAM (Architecture Trade-off Analysis Method)
  • MBSE (Model Based System Engineering)
  • Cybersecurity (NIST)

This is a lot of pure theory, and so for the year 2020 I’d like to get “hands on” again, and I suspect this means cloud architectures.

I also manage a team of highly experienced solution architects, most of whom are domain/subject matter experts in their respective fields.  It might be worthwhile throwing in some team mechanics/method material if there is interest. I’m going to try and set a goal of writing a new article each fortnight, barring work commitments and the threat of bushfires!

We’ll see how this year goes.  In the meantime, if you are reading this (thank you) and have any special topics you’d like to hear about, please leave a comment.


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