SQL Server

Do you prefer offline help and documentation? Sometimes I prefer offline help, particularly when I’m travelling or when a stable Internet connection is not available.  It is particularly useful if you work in an environment where external access is difficult, for example in a secure datacentre. I find offline documentation […]

Installing SQL Server 2014 Books Online locally

Introduction Recently I began writing a series of articles demonstrating how you could take a blank Database schema and bring it all together with a fully integrated object relational mapping access model (Entity Framework) and then exposing the entire object graph via WCF web services in a completely detached mode.  […]

Flexible Data Operations with the Entity Framework V6 RC1

Introduction Per my introduction article, I’m learning the hard way – with the latest from Microsoft.  Yesterday I created a SQL schema from a Twitter archive which was “fun”, but didn’t provide me with a decent enough schema to model a complete end-to-end design for something meaningful. So I’m back […]

Schema Modelling with Visual Studio 2013 Preview