Monthly Archives: July 2010

<Professor Farnsworth>Good news everyone</Professor Farnsworth> We’ve successfully migrated away from Live Spaces (well, almost) and are now nice and happy in the new home at Sanders Technology.  There are still a bunch of links in the various articles which refer to the file storage at Live Spaces, and a few […]

We’ve successfully migrated

Hi There! As I mentioned in my “regular” blog – on live spaces – I’m going to be moving all that content over to this site.  Please be patient, it’s going to be a lengthy migration I fear. Obviously this is a WordPress site, so I’m hoping to use all […]

We’re working on something special

It’s been a while since I last put together a decent post – apologies – I’ve been quite literally up to my neck in computer components, outfitting some new hardware.  This has killed a lot of my free time while I research and consume the latest information on hardware.  You’d […]

New Development Machine