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Hi All, The past two days I’ve been going through over 500 posts fixing up the categorization, mainly of the technical posts.  It’s pretty much done now, I’ve eliminated some of the obsolete categories (which were mostly a hold over from the Live Spaces days) and added many to multiple […]

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Hello everyone, Well, I’m back from holidays and about to get my teeth stuck into some more interesting technology.  For the next week, I’ve decided to focus on a concept involving the serving of static (cachable) content – typically straight HTML – combined with AJAX and Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) […]

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I always love it when a functional language goes rogue!  Widely speculated for a while now, Microsoft’s F# language has been fully released as open source following a post by Don Syme recently.  It would seem that the F# compiler source code has been released under the Apache 2.0 licensing.  […]

F# Goes Rogue

Recently I made the horrible mistake of installing the latest version of the usually reliable Windows Live suite.  For everyday use, I generally use Windows Live Messenger and Windows Live Writer – both of which have been historically fairly stable until now.  Where to begin?? Live Writer This very useful […]

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