Welcome to 2017 everyone. I’ve been back working since early January, and it’s all strategic roadmaps, capability mappings, enterprise design principles and salutations. I’m going to try to make a commitment this year to post more architecture-related content (as that is my actual day job), and possibly try to capture […]

A Belated Happy New Year Resolution

Season’s Greetings to readers of Sanders Technology. It’s been an interesting year, hopefully 2017 will bring new technologies and new opportunities! Please enjoy a safe and prosperous new year. While I’m away, I’ll be playing with the new features of Visual Studio 2017 RC (which you can prep an offline […]

Happy Holidays

It’s been a common practice of mine over the past three decades (yes) to use the Telnet client as a quick and easy way of determining whether a TCP port is open between two computers.  As of Windows Server 2012, Telnet Client is not installed by default, which means you […]

Port Testing with PowerShell

Windows Server 2016 was launched less than two months ago, and one of the attractive options is an excellent makeover of Active Directory Federation Services (AD FS). The latest version is stacked with great features and is seriously worth the upgrade.  However, I thought I’d point out one of the […]

Windows Server 2016/AD FS – Update Password

Continuing on from the previous article, PowerShell Basics – Consuming a Web API, let’s move on to some slightly deeper scripting.  Querying an API in isolation is seldom useful in isolation, as it requires a deal of manual work to keep feeding the script.  What if we could programmatically import […]

PowerShell Basics – Looping, Error Handling and Conditional Control Logic

Over the weekend I decided to do some tinkering with data from my long list of vinyl records.  I’ve been trying to ensure that the more valuable LPs are stored away from the hands of my little cohorts – and popular website discogs.com happens to have both marketplace data, and […]

PowerShell Basics – Consuming Web APIs

Azure Training Day Microsoft Canberra – October 4th, 2016 Introduction A brief overview of the Azure Platform, starting from Infrastructure up. 36 Azure Regions, 28 Azure Compute. Most regions paired for redundancy. 500+ new releases in the past12 months, exceptional rate of change. Additional stats – the platform is very […]

Azure Training Day – Slightly Structured Notes

Introduction We’re finally here, and luckily for me, Microsoft has published an updated version of the  Azure Stack – Technical Preview 2.  I was unhappy with the performance of my original configuration (relying far too heavily on iSCSI), so I blew away my first (successful) deployment and reconfigured my server […]

Deploying the Azure Stack Technical Preview 2 – Part 1

It’s been a while… Those astute enough to skip to the earliest article posted on Sanders Technology may note that it was published almost ten years ago as of next month – on the 17th of October, 2006. – Earliest Article on Sanders Technology That’s actually not quite accurate, some […]

10 Years of Sanders Technology?

It has been some time since I last looked at a new iPhone accessory, and at this stage it’s time to look at a new case.  I’ve really been impressed with the lightness and durability of the advanced range of tough waterproof cases, so today we’re taking a close look […]

Review: Ghostek Atomic 2.0 iPhone 6S / 6 Waterproof Tough ...

Today I attended a Federal Government briefing at the Microsoft offices in Canberra. The agenda covered a wide area of topics, all relevant to Government and other sectors.  These are my raw notes, taken during each session.  I apologise in advance if they appear incoherent; I was put to task […]

Microsoft Federal Government Briefing – September 2016

CRM User Group – Unstructured Notes Noticeboard AppSource – online store built by solution providers, provide domain functionality as add-on CRM Ideas – http://crmideas.dynamics.comA bit like connect, but CRM focused.  Add suggestions; community focused; vote on requests (like connect).  More focus from the product team H2 Release – CRM Roadmap.  […]

Canberra CRM User Group – August 2016

Continuing on from Part 3. After the keynote, we walked back to the MTCC and as my first session was at 11:30-12:30pm, I decided to go directly to the food hall to grab an early lunch.  On the tables were a number of conversation starter cards, although I didn’t have […]

Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference 2016 – Part 4

Following on from Part 2. Editorial note: These keynotes started around 8:45am and ran non-stop until 10:45am, but sometimes went over.  As a result, it’s a lot of content to cover, hence why I’ve been splitting them out into separate articles.  By the time we returned to the MTCC, it […]

Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference 2016 – Part 3

Following on from Part 1 I left off just after the first vision keynote on the first day of the conference.  After the keynote finished, thousands of delegates started walking back to the Metro Toronto Convention Centre (MTCC).  The initial push seemed to be towards the lowest level of MTCC […]

Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference 2016 – Part 2