Mindstorms NXT: Redux (Part 1)

Over the weekend I killed my original (custom) tribot design and attempted to build a more robust model.  I decided to drop a tribot and focus on a humanoid frame – eventually I simply built the popular design Lego uses.

P5069533 (Medium)

Walking isn’t this model’s strong suit.  It walks with some difficulty, but walk it does.  Just don’t expect explosive bursts of speed, this thing could be outrun by an 80 year old with a walking frame.  It does articulate it’s arms and head fairly well and aesthetically, it looks like a poster child for Lego Technic robots.

P5069530 (Medium)

Now that I have something to use, I’ll start digging away at the Microsoft Robotics Studio (v1.5) and in particular writing some decent functionality in C#.  One minor problem: still trying to figure out why Bluetooth ™ is not quite working for me.. Details!

As a side project, I built a new powered buggy using a power pack and motor from the new Lego Creator range.  The parts used came from the Ferris Wheel kit, which I found kind of boring.

Look out for a post on how to program with an NXT Mindstorms kit.  I’ll write about it as soon as I get a handle on it 🙂


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