Crowded House: 10th Anniversary DVD

Less than a week ago, finally on DVD, the Crowded House farewell concert was released.
It was worth the wait!  The entire concert was re-cut for widescreen viewing, and a brand new DTS audio track was mixed.
This, a two disc set, also contains three documentaries including original TV footage and news articles.
Now, this isn’t an advertisement.  I wanted to go to this concert alas, I was living in Canberra at the time.  The concert was originally scheduled for a Saturday night.  Bad weather forced the date to be changed, and it went ahead on Sunday night instead.  As I had to be at work on Monday, I had to cancel plans to attend.  Add to the mix, the fact that channel 7 didn’t televise the concert until more than two weeks later (what, couldn’t possibly show it LIVE.. huh!?).
The concert was released onto VHS and also came with a T-shirt, but I never ponied up the cash to get a copy.  By the time I wanted to, they were all gone.
This was one heck of a concert.  I really wish I’d been able to go see it live, but it wasn’t all bad – this DVD release almost makes up for not being there 10 years ago.  Plus, I did see Crowded House live in Canberra in 1994, so I didn’t miss them live entirely.

You can pick up a copy from ezyDVD or any good DVD retailer.
Highly recommended!

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