Rugby: Australia v Scotland

Wow.  The Wallabies beat a team they should have.  Let us rejoice.
It’s really quite funny.  We had our air conditioning fixed last week, and the repairman (Ray) and I started talking Union.
He asked me who I’d rate at what position in the current team.  Irony?  The team that started on the weekend was the same as the team I suggested last week.  Damn, I’m getting good at selections
Everyone thinks they have the combinations right now.  Time will tell, it’s a long time yet until the RWC.  It would be nice to see the team compete in the Tri Nations, but we always know that South Africa and Australia tend to be less competitive the year of the World Cup.  New Zealand take whatever’s on offer.  Shame we pip them in the semis time and time again.
Next year it’s anyone’s trophy.  Wales could be a surprise pick to be in the final.  England would be quite a shock, since they’ve pretty much shown the world at large this year that they’re rebuilding.  South Africa have had some decent wins, but remain, as ever, inconsistent.
New Zealand are always a threat, yet somehow always manage to undo themselves in the semi finals.  France remain unpredictable, and you can’t count out any of the other nations, especially Ireland who have come on strong this year.
Wonder what the summer will hold?  Super 14 will give us a good idea how the following rep season will look like..

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