Futurama to reappear in 2008

From the news desk, in case you somehow managed not to hear about it.. Futurama returns for a new season to debut in 2008.¬† Reading an amusing interview with Futurama producer David X Cohen*, I’m particularly interested in the 22 min Hypnotoad episode.. Everyone loves Hypnotoad ūüôā
What I love about Futurama, and why it’s better than the Simpsons
Well, "what’s not to like?".¬† Futurama appeals to the geek in everyone.¬† Well, those who can understand the funny side of Bender drinking "Ye Olde Fortran".¬† I think, similar¬†to ‘The Family Guy’, Futurama appeals to kids of the 80s – with so many references to 80’s pop culture.¬† That, in addition to, some rather¬†too obvious computer and Sci-Fi references.
Additionally, I think it’s particularly a good concept because it’s so far into the future.¬† With the cunning invention of "talking heads" (another 80s in joke perhaps?) it’s possible to bring any 21st century star into the future.. Even ex-presidents like George Washington (although it’s not been explained exactly how that is possible).¬† The possibilities are endless.¬† One thing is for sure: it’s damn funny.
I, personally, think that it’s a "must-have" to have a Bender figurine on your desk if you either a) work in IT or b) are a programmer of any value whatsoever.¬† Others may disagree.¬† People who support "clean desk" policies probably will disagree.¬†
To them I say: "bite my colossal metal ass".  To the rest, I say: "bring on the new episodes, I dare you!"
* David’s middle name doesn’t start with an X.¬† Apparently when he registered for his writing credentials someone already had registered the name David Cohen, so for something different he suddenly became David X. Cohen for legal and union purposes.

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