“Show us yer stats”

Thanks to the many known and anonymous readers and RSS subscribers who have helped rack up these very nice statistics:
These numbers started 17 October 2:25 PM, 2006 and the stats below are good as of 9:40 AEST on Sunday 17/12/06:
Total page views: 662       Page views today: 3       Page views this week: 3       Page views within the last hour: 0
Last week I had an astounding 100+ visits!  Readership increases 🙂
It’s heartening to know that I’m able to achieve almost 100 page views per week.  Hopefully the insanity is spreading.
I’ve been conscientiously trying to post about an article a day, but I reserve the right to take weekends off (except this weekend).
If you have any particular topic you’d like me to revisit, or to focus on with more depth and clarity, please email me at: rob.sanders@gmail.com (Subject: Blog) or leave a comment on this post.  I’m happy to rant, provide funny musings, talk about free stuff, or post technical articles, e.t.c.
There will be less content between December 22nd and 3rd January as I’ve decided to rest up over the holiday season.  If I’m near a computer I might be tempted to post something, so check back with a degree of regularity for more exciting, stimulating content.

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