What an interesting year.  The public are generally "into" Labor leader Kevin Rudd because Labor are painting such a lovely picture of him.  Will he be the next PM?  Some thoiughts:
– With blog entries like this one, he shows a lack of media management.  The risk in bullying editors and reporters is that eventually they’ll get revenge – a dangerour situation when you rely principally on being in the media’s good books – and they have a long memory.
– One thing Rudd has proven is that, much like the NSW election, lots of people are looking for a change.  Howard so far has done nothing to calm the nerves of the country, much less his own electorate.
– Iraq may still play a key role in the next election should Labor highlight it.  Liberals won’t or shouldn’t.
– Workplace relations provided a costly but needed change to the face of Australia’s workplaces.  Again, what surprises me is that unions – now relevant again – are fighting something which makes them important again..
Anyway, just some random thoughts

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