Today’s whacky statistic: "Total page views: 3995"
Yes, that’s right this humble blog has almost hit 4,000 unique visits, or, 2,000 hits per year.
Amazing.  I wonder who will be the 4,000th visitor?  My money’s on an RSS feeder.
In other breaking world news of importance.  Wallabies dropped the big game on the weekend – helped rather immensely by some seriously questionable calls (in the second half) from the Welsh referee who, we can only hope, never gets to referee a game of this calibre again…
I know it’s old news to blame the man in the middle, but it’s hard to argue when four penalties in a row wind a team and their poor captain (who was penalised for a dangerous tackle which possibly turned the game).  The first half proved the two teams were matched almost perfectly.  The ref was the deciding factor in the second half, there can be no doubt.
Anyhow, that buries my sports posts until the Rugby World Cup.  Sit back and enjoy a stream of technical posts coming to this blog soon.

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