Can’t get no satisfaction?

A Recent report on Customer satisfaction with the major Australian banks has been published.
I don’t know who they asked, because I don’t know more than a handful of people who would have anything encouraging or constructive to say about bank service, myself included.
The major banks need to seriously consider their image and just how little trust the average Australian has in them.  Can I fill out a satisfaction survey?  If you don’t like banks, there’s always Credit Unions!
Anyhow, anything can happen… Islands of the world are sinking due to rising water levels; some, however, are rising! 
Incredible pictures of the formation of a new island in the South Pacific.  I think it’s amazing how balanced nature can be.  With so much happening in the world, isn’t it ironic that somehow it still seems to be countered (as it were)?
Emails and Instant Messaging.  Imagine life without it?  How droll.  Well, for all the efficiency and productivity that these two technologies provide there is always a down side, as this amusing collection of examples proves…

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