Death of Blogging?

Not I, sir.  Although my posts are becoming slightly more sporadic (time constraints), I’m still keepin’ it real..  Yeah..
So, in Malaysia – where drugs and crime arte generally a fairly big deal the government sees fit to train and use sniffer dogs educated in the detection of CD/DVD media.
Seriously, what is happening to the world when this kind of investment is prioritised over say, the detection of harmful (potentially fatal) drugs?
In other news, NSW Waratahs lost a close game to the Canterbury Crusaders last night in Sydney.  We had the luck to draw private suite tickets through my good fellow colleague Don (thanks to Don!).
The ACT Brumbies beat the Lions in South Africa overnight.  T’was a messy game, one try scored and lots of handling errors.  The Brumbies were the better team though and deserved the win, but I don’t see either team figuring heavily in the semis/playoffs.
Further news, we’re off again roaming.  Check back for highlights on this blog (I’ll update when possible) and those who know where the gallery is, check for photos (low res) – I’m not taking the SLR.  At least I don’t think I am…

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