It’s official: NSW votes


Well, as most people know I’m an outspoken critic of the NSW Labor Government.  I’m not going to rehash any argument which I’ve aired previously – there are plenty of examples – this election will be long remembered as the election that the Liberals lost and not the election that Labor won.


Partly offset by the federal Liberal government’s IR laws (which, in my mind, is slightly illogical for unions to oppose since it makes them relevant again) and their own major incompetence, the Liberals appealed to no one.  I was hoping that lots of independents would be elected since neither major political party has shown even one iota of credibility.


I’m quite ashamed of the political process in NSW and can’t think of a single government-related endeavour to be even partly amused by.  This state – once the crown jewel of Australia – has been mismanaged into the ground and beset by nepotism, pornographers, preachers, unionists and con-men.  The state is represented by fringe self interest groups none of whom have the greater good at heart.


The average income earner in Sydney has virtually no chance at ever owning a home of their own and the government (at all levels) has failed in its duty to protect those workers from financial victimization at the hands of easy finance and poor fiscal diligence.


It is a dark day, friends.

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