Popups and “pop-behinds”

Hi all. 
It’s been a while since my last non-political rant.  This time, I’m cheesed off with Sydney Morning Herald (http://www.smh.com.au) and its shameless popups/"pop-behind" advertisements.
Now fair enough, sites derive revenue through banner advertising, and some of the advertising can actually be worth a look (not that I’ve ever clicked through, to my knowledge), however there is a despicable technical implementation which can get around traditional popup blockers and load behind the windows (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera etc) and other dialogs in a sort of underhanded fashion.
Personally, I think that popups (on public sites) are dead.  The industry has done a great job at abusing an innocent feature, and mainstream sites like the Sydney Morning Herald should not revert to such disgusting advertising tactics.
SMH.com.au has done just about everything which makes me despise a news website – enough for me to basically only use news.com.au (or rely on RSS feeds), although really it’s only a matter of time before even they are susceptible to advertising junk.
What do you think?

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