Great Deal on Guitar Hero III

Had to write about this – get in quick if you’re into Guitar Hero!

Electronics Boutique (or EB Games) in Australia have a mad deal on at the moment, for a limited time.

You can trade in 2 Xbox 360, Wii or PS3 games and get the Guitar Hero III bundle (game + wireless guitar) for AUD $89.95 (the cost of the game by itself, RRP) or you can trade in 4 games (360/Wii/PS3) and get the bundle for nix!  i.e. Free!

This morning I dropped into my local EB Games and picked up a bundle.  I traded Project Gotham 3, Star Trek Legacy, Amped 3 and Dead or Alive 4. 

This turned Star Trek Legacy into a winner for me since I had paid close to full price for it, and the game is simply horrible.

So… yourself a favour, save AUD $169.95 and grab a bundle while the offer is still good. 

If you can find four old Xbox 360 games it’s worth the trade in.  You won’t get close to $170 from four old Xbox 360 games these days, so it’s a great deal.

Rock on……

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