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This just in.. An Australia political party who, if ‘elected’, would enable registered Australian voters to vote on legislation in parliament.
From the site:
"Senator On-Line (‘SOL’) is a truly democratic party which will allow everyone on the Australian Electoral roll who has access to the internet to vote on every Bill put to Parliament and have its Senators vote in accordance with a clear majority view.

We will be running candidates for the upcoming federal Upper House (Senate) elections.  When a SOL senator is elected a web site will be developed which will provide:  Accurate information and balanced argument on each Bill and important issues The vast majority of those registered on the Australian Electoral roll the chance to have their say by voting on bills and issues facing our country A tally of all votes which will then count in Parliament

Each person on the Australian Electoral roll will be entitled to one vote and only be allowed to vote once on each bill or issue.SOL senators will have committed in writing to voting in line with the clear majority view of the SOL on-line voters.  Senator On-Line will enable broader community involvement in the political process and the shaping of our country."

I’m sure there are a number of concerns to be raised about this concept (which the AEC will undoubtedly raise) but assuming it is all kosher, could this be another step towards proper democracy where politicians really do vote in accordance with the wishes of their electorate – or is it another stunt in a joke of a political system (in Australia)?  

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