Happy 5,000th

Guten Tag, Salut and G’day. 
The blog here has officially just clocked over 5,000 unique hits since the inaugural post last year (it’s almost 12 months.. time flies).
That’s not a huge amount of traffic if you’re a site like http://www.microsoft.com, but for my own wee little blog with its collection of nutty rants, technical fun and general oddball antics I think it’s worth a high five.  Thanks for reading, I’ll continue to throw my usual brand of banter out into the interweb so long as the hit counter keeps incrementing.
Thanks also to http://www.google.com and http://www.technorati.com for being the top referrers.  Also it seems a few hits come from yahoo mail and, where would I be without the RSS syndication(s).  You’re all gold!  Thanks also to the regular comment assassins, always great to see feedback.
Cheers for now

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