Horrible Day

Well, for one thing on the way to the station today we heard on the radio the news about the shootings in the US.  Not a great way to start the day; being reminded of Australia’s own version (Port Arthur in 1996).
It’s also ironic given my last blog post which I mentioned societal values (the post about Imus being fired).  What is morbid is that the press now has real news to report about.  I hope, if anything, it puts things into perspective for people. 
Obviously it is so shockingly recent and, for Australians, something we can sympathise with and there is going to be a lot more anguish and public outcry.  What I do wonder, from an outside perspective, if this will have any effect on gun control in the US – as it did in Australia back in 1996.
The US has a far more right wing voice when it comes to gun ownership.  I can’t realistically see a gun buy back scheme even getting close to off the ground, but you’d think there would be serious consideration.. perhaps?
Anyhow, my thoughts and prayers go out to those affected by the horrible shootings in the US.

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