Wonder if someone’s been reading my blog posts..

Reading over at slashdot yesterday I couldn’t help but stumble onto this little gem from way over yonder (the UK, where they must be sick of watching the Ashes highlights).
Evidently, I am not alone in being critical of the ever-extending copyright laws, and in the UK they’ve all but rejected further extensions.  Refer to this article from the trusty BBC.
Poor Sir Cliff Richard, I wonder how much he’ll lose in royalties when his songs from the 50’s come out of copyright?  I’m sure it’ll make a big dent in his finances.. because we all remember fondly those great hits.. um.. which were..?
Seriously though, this is a real step forward.  In fact, this is actually a far more lenient law than in the US and elsewhere.  Maybe this could hail a renaissance for the English?  Then again, maybe not.  Guess the rights to all those Beatles tunes will become worthless pretty soon, though..  All you need is love..

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