I’ve got a new xbox 360!

Santa was very generous this year and delivered a very nice xbox 360.  Now, I had a feeling that this might happen so I went out pre-Christmas and bought some games in anticipation.  The older you get the more clairvoyant.. to a point.
Starting Games Lineup:
Project Gotham Racing 3
Dead or Alive  4
Madden NFL 07
Top Spin 2
Gears of War
Rockstar Table Tennis
Star Trek Legacy
Amped 3
I think there is a fairly rounded list of titles, although the Tennis/Table Tennis is a bit of overkill.
2x Wireless Controllers
1x Wired Controller
1x Headset
1x Recharge Cable (for Controllers)
2x Battery Packs for Controllers
1x Media Remote
1x HDD
1x HD TV connection
..and I figured that would be enough.  I love the spin that Microsoft’s put on the Cat-5 cables 😉  AU $150 for a wireless NIC is a bit unreasonable!!  Yolu can buy computer NICs for about $25-$50 for Christ’s sake..
What is missing from this list??  Please leave your thoughts/comments!

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