Tuqiri to go to.. Union or League?

News from the Australian Rugby Union Desk
Well, looks like Lote Tuqiri might end up back in [Rugby] League or he might stay in [Rugby] Union – it depends on who will pay the most mullah ($).  Apparently he turned down a AU $750k p.a/4 year contract offer from the ARU because he wants 1 mil+/season.
Now, we know that Matt Giteau signed a bumper offer from the Western Force last year – but I don’t believe Tuqiri is in the same boat as Giteau, who is Union born and bred.  His talent is not in question, neither is Giteau’s however I still think Tuqiri needs to prove himself at the elite level.  His play for the Wallabies (whilst being far more productive than the other League rejects, ahem, converts) has been sporadic, and he needs to find the right position since he’s under utilised on the wing.  Secondly, we already have Rathbone and Gerrard who are far more natural on the wing for Australia. 
If he moves on to League, well, we’ll have none of the original "big three" converts left.  What a shame, I guess the ARU will just have to develop the home grown (union) talent, like they should have all along. 
Getting a big name is one thing, but expecting that name to be productive is another matter.  Seeing talent go from Union to League is something which traditionally has happened, but given the size of player pay checks, it’s less likely in the future.
Intl’ Rugby Commentary
Scotland encountered a vastly improved Wallabies side who really, REALLY needed a win in November.  Lets hope that they don’t take too much criticism for the loss because it was a very close match in many regards.  I don’t think I appropriately mentioned the game in a previous blog post.  I think they could turn some heads in the next Six Nations in less than two months time.

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