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So, I’ve been considering the purchase (or salary sacrifice) of a new laptop.  My two current Laptops are great, but could use improvement. 

The tabby (‘Lil’ Beastie) really won’t like Windows Vista and will probably be a Windows XP Tablet Edition machine for the rest of it’s life.  It’s the most portable unit I’ve ever had and will continue for many more years to live for its purpose – mobility.

My Dell Inspiron XPS (bought in Nov 2004) and featuring a Pentium IV 3.4GHz HT Processor does the main job but is getting a bit long in the tooth.  Runs Windows Vista with few issues (WEI is 4.2).

So, recommendations on a new unit?  I’ve got two extremes here.  The XPS is heavy and consumes more power than a Collins class submarine (and *believe it* is louder too!).  The tabby is lightweight but doesn’t like compiling too much (especially under load with IIS and SQL Server running).

I’m happy enough to consider another Dell, though I’m thinking of a 17" screen or less and a nice 2.4GHz+ Intel Duo processor with 4 GB RAM and ~200 GB HDD (7200 rpm).  512 MB Video card would complete the package.  This would be approx AUD$4k.

What do you think?  I’m after any advice here, including "hey, why don’t you wait for the….."

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