Madden 08 Franchise Sim Workaround

Hi Gamers,
So partly based on feedback from an earlier post, I’ve formulated a sort of workaround for the simulation freeze/lockup issue in Madden NFL 2008.  Basically, I’ve been able to *easily* reproduce this bug so accurately, it’s like clockwork (EA should be embarrassed).
The Problem:
In Franchise Mode (might affect other areas, I’m not certain) when you start week 1 of the *Pre Season* trying to simulate the week or the whole Pre Season results in a hard lockup of the game/console.  Sometimes even trying to simulate an individual game does the job.
This bug happens every pre season (I’ve gone through 7 pre seasons in Franchise mode thus far).  I’ve managed to find a workaround which involves less yelling/cursing/etc.
The workaround:
Based on a comment from an earlier post, I found that Supersimming one game (any) of the pre season + saving the franchise = ability to sim (non-Supersim) other individual games in week 1.  Once you get one game supersimmed, and another single game also simulated, the rest of the week (and preseason) can safely be simulated. 
Sometimes after the first supersim, (after saving) the next attempt to simulate causes a hard lock, but the ensuing simulation after reboot and loading the franchise works.
I’ve done this two seasons in a row with success. 
Let me know if this works (or does not work) for you.  Please add a comment if this works for you as well.

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